Back in 2013, when they weren’t making carbon fiber race cars, founders Ann and Gabe Mountjoy set out to make carbon fiber casual for everyone.

This meant reimagining what carbon fiber – the amazing material building the world’s best airplanes, rockets, and vehicles – can be. After lots of testing (and fires), they invented the world’s first carbon fiber hinge, introduced never before seen products, and created Common Fibers.

Since then, Common Fibers has grown into a full fabrication facility, with over 150 product SKU’s selling worldwide while up-cycling carbon fiber to create products across a wide range of industries.

What sets us apart is our amazing attention to detail and customer service. In fact, Common Fibers is so committed to ensuring client success, our VP once walked through a blizzard for an hour to deliver an overnight package. True Story.

We’re a constantly growing team ready to push the boundary to create high quality, exciting products. Meet our team, join the fun, and let’s create lasting impressions together!