What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber has been called a miracle material and the future of manufacturing and design. It helps build the world’s best airplanes, spaceships, and vehicles. Carbon fiber has superior strength than materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic, is extremely lightweight, has an incredible amount of versatility, and with different weaves and finishes, an irresistible look.


What this all means, is when you use carbon fiber, you have products with the highest quality, form, and an appeal across every lifestyle.


We are passionate about spreading carbon fiber knowledge and dedicated an entire page for this purpose. Learn more about the technical details of carbon fiber.

Our carbon fiber.

We only use 100% real carbon fiber in all of our products. We are meticulous in our sourcing for the highest quality carbon fiber fabrics and weaves, from trusted industry partners in the United States and China.


Additionally, our shop is located next to Boeing, which allows us to “up-cycle” wasted and scrap carbon fiber and turn it into strong and durable products. Many of our products utilize the exact same carbon fiber found on Boeing airplanes. This prevents the material from being thrown in a landfill.


In the instances where a colored weave is used, carbon fiber is woven with another material, such as fiberglass, mylar, or kevlar, to create a hybrid fabric. We utilize these fabrics for our Reflections and colored weave options.

What is your carbon fiber hinge?

A patented manufacturing method that creates a functional hinge within the carbon fiber material itself. This means we can make carbon fiber malleable in any area of our choosing. We protect the hinge on our products using a transparent polyurethane protective tape – it’s aerospace grade, puncture, tear, and abrasion resistant.


Thorough testing has shown our wallets rip at 1,300 lbs of load. A regular leather wallet rips at just 300 lbs of load. In addition, after 50,000 bend cycles testing has concluded no significant reduction in strength. It’s built to last a lifetime.

Our leathers and fabrics.

We want to create products that are used and loved for as long as possible, so we continually search to source the best materials to pair with our carbon fiber. Currently, we use genuine top grain leather and ripstop nylon fabric, for their unmatched durability, appeal, and longevity. They are waterproof and have great tear resistance.

There are other carbon fiber products out there. Why yours?

We started Common Fibers by offering the first carbon fiber wallet on the market, and have evolved into a full fabrication facility with 150 different product SKU’s (and counting) selling worldwide. We have 20+ years of composites experience, make entire cars out of carbon fiber, and back it up by teaching others how to do it. Simply put, we are the industry experts, and provide the best customer experiences.


We are thrilled to see other companies offering carbon fiber products. As we advance the market with our goods, we encourage competition. It ultimately expedites our goal to make carbon fiber casual – more accessible and affordable for everyone.


However not all carbon fiber is made equal (or it may not be real), nor do others have the knowledge, facilities, or quality control to get it right. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.