What is your current inventory?

To learn about our inventory levels, please reach out to us. We do our best to keep stock at an appropriate amount based on all areas of our business.


Don’t fret if inventory levels for a given product are currently low. We can easily make what you need fairly quickly, depending on current shop schedules and your project scope, scale, and time frame.

What packaging do you offer?

We pride ourselves in providing a great customer experience, especially when it comes to receiving and opening our packages.


All of our hinged goods come in premium packaging bearing our CF logo and information, from the same supplier that makes Apple product boxes. Our goal is to replicate this experience across all of our goods.


We are growing – and at the moment most of our accessory products come in simple box packaging that also bear our CF logo and information. If a dedicated box is not made for your product, we have other means of packaging, such as using polybags. We also offer blank packaging when requested.


If custom branded packaging is required, please reach out to us.

What are my shipping options?

We rely on the amazing work of our UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL partners. We can meet any deliverable methods when appropriate, from Standard Ground shipping to Overnight mail.


We respectfully ask for client (or third party) UPS or FedEx accounts when shipping any product (samples and orders). These accounts are kept on file for future use.

Can I track my products (samples and orders)?

Yes! For all outgoing mail (samples and orders) we will send you a tracking number for your shipment.

I am an international customer. Do I pay customs fees?

Extra duties and taxes may apply when shipping product international (samples and orders). The exact amount varies based on client’s project. Please contact us for more information.

My order never arrived. What do I do?

If you’ve received our tracking number, and yet the order has not arrived based on the estimated deliverable dates, please contact us. We will be diligent to contact the utilized shipping company representative to track down your package and determine next steps when appropriate.