What are your lead times?

Lead times can and will vary depending on the scope and scale of your project, in addition to CF, supplier, and partner inventories and schedules. Carbon fiber is a very labor intensive material. Lead times can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. For a more specific estimate for your project, please reach out to us.

I have a rush order. Can you accept it?

We can accept rush orders, and have many times.


Depending on the scope and time frame of the project, we will be upfront with you about project and deliverable feasibility. When appropriate, we may offer suggestions to meet your needs. All rush orders are subject to an additional charge, usually a percentage of the total order cost.

Are there any product minimums?

All of our products do have MOQs, however these are very small in comparison to the rest of the industry. We set MOQs based on a number of factors in the production process, including how many products fit onto our single standard flat sheet of carbon fiber to reduce waste.


MOQs are referenced on individual product pages.

Are there imprint option minimums?

There are only two imprint option minimums.


Screen Printing: 50 units.
We do not screen print in-house. All of our screen printed products come from our trusted partners in China, and there is a 50 unit minimum requirement.


Stainless Steel Tags: 1000 units.
Our stainless steel tags come from a trusted partner in China, and there is a 1000 unit minimum requirement. This is recommended for large orders, or orders with high likelihoods of re-ordering. All tags not used will be stored at our Seattle shop for future use.


For costs, please reference our dedicated pages on screen printing and the stainless steel tags.

Can I order less than minimum (LTM)?

We do accept less than minimum order quantities in certain circumstances. If you have a question about this, please contact us for more information.

How do I place and confirm an order?

There are a couple of ways you can place an order. As we work to make this site with the best user experience in the industry, the easiest way is to simply reach out to our team with a PO or order request and we will get in touch promptly.


Once we receive a PO or order request, we will acknowledge receipt at our first opportunity. If an order requires virtuals or samples, we will first work with you to first confirm these.


To finalize an order, we will submit to you our Customer Approval Form. This form, among other things, goes over all product specs, shipping, total costs, and scope change risks. We ask that you review this carefully and return to us within 24 hours. Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise, projects do not start until this form is returned. All changes to the project after this form is returned must be signed off on in writing.

What are my payment options and terms?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, ACH transfer, or payment by check.


We respectfully discuss payment terms with you depending on the scope, scale, and time frame of your project. Depending on the circumstances, we will request either payment upon receipt of the invoice, a split payment option (% deposit up front, % paid upon order receipt), or a Net 30 term. We appreciate the understanding in advance.


If you are a first time international customer (including Canada) we request full payment upon receipt of the invoice.

What currency can I pay in?

Our standard currency is USD. Depending on your location, we can work with you to select the best currency for you to pay in. All transactions will be processed according to current exchange rates.

How do I cancel or edit an order?

If a Customer Approval Form is not signed:
Simply reach out to your account representative. If you do not have one, just contact us by phone or email at your first opportunity.


If a Customer Approval Form is signed:
You may cancel or edit at any time. Simply reach out to your account representative. However depending on the timing, you may be subject to pay the appropriate costs CF and/or our partners incurred based on all work completed. All of this information is written in more detail in the Customer Approval Form itself, and all changes must be signed off on in writing.

I want to return my order. Can I?

We work to the best of our abilities to make you satisfied. In the unlikely event you want to return your order, we can accept returns in lieu of products being unused or going into the trash – with the purpose of recycling the products to create new ones.


We do not offer refunds on branded products unless there is a clear manufacturing defect caused by us. We are not responsible for damaged goods as a result of a third party, nor responsible for damages caused by any client usage of our products.