Wallet 1

  • Twill
  • Wave
  • Track
  • Reflections Twill - Red Mylar
  • Reflections Twill - Orange Mylar
  • Reflections Twill – Blue Mylar
  • Reflections Twill – Green Mylar
  • Reflections Twill – Silver Mylar
  • Reflections Twill – Purple Mylar
  • Reflections Twill – Gold Mylar
  • Gloss
  • Matte

Our flagship wallet. A high quality, 100% carbon fiber bifold wallet that stays slim, functional, and extremely durable. The entire outside of the wallet is one sheet of carbon fiber including the hinge; the only one in the world. Ripstop Nylon Interior. Billfold for cash, up to 8 credit cards, and makes a statement. Fully custom. Different weaves, colored interiors, and branding options available. RFID Blocking. Made in Seattle, USA.

We use 100% real carbon fiber to provide the highest form, quality and function in our products. In the instances where a colored weave is used, carbon fiber is woven with another material, such as fiberglass, mylar, or kevlar, to create a hybrid fabric. We utilize these fabrics for our Reflections and colored weave options. Ripstop nylon fabric is chosen for it's unmatched durability, appeal, and longevity. The fabric is waterproof and has great tear resistance.

Laser Engraving: 

Engrave your logo directly onto the carbon fiber itself. This is done in-house with high end precision. Engravings are subtle and only show in the right light. This allows for discreet yet powerful branding. We recommend this option for those who want quick turnarounds or to convey luxury.

Metal Tags: 

Our most premium customization. Metal Tags use an impeccable 316 stainless steel design. Engrave your logo to keep an unimpeded carbon fiber exterior. We recommend these for large events or for those with recurring orders.

To clean exterior, use soft cotton or microfiber cleaning cloth. To clean interior, rub clean with a damp towel. Our suggested use is to keep it simple. We recommend not over stuffing your wallet. 6-8 cards, and a stack of cash. New wallets may spring upon until worn in, and then you may never buy another wallet again.