Are there any set up charges?

No! We do not have any separate set up charges. Thank you for working with us!

Can you create artwork?

Yes! We can design and create artwork for you as part of our in-house design services. This does come with a small charge. Please reach out to us to learn more.

What type of artwork do you need from me?

In order for us to imprint the best artwork possible, we require original vector graphic files in an Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Portable Document Format (.PDF), or Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) format. This ensures you can effectively scale up and down your logo graphic without any loss to the quality of the image. All brands should have one of these file formats of their logo in their arsenal.


We can, sometimes, generate a vector graphic file from standard image (.JPG & .PNG) formats – however sending these files to us is greatly discouraged. While we do offer design services, generating a vector graphic file from a standard image file can be a time consuming and tedious process. Please contact us for more information.


In regards to laser engraving, our laser software only reads black (#000000). It can be helpful to send us black artwork, however we can recolor all artwork ourselves if necessary.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

Yes. It is our standard practice to keep artwork on file. We do this to make it especially easy to expedite and manufacture any re-orders.


Virtuals are submitted to you for all orders and approval. If you need to resubmit artwork, please do so at your convenience and we will update our files here. If you do not wish to have us keep your artwork on file, please inform us at any time.

What fonts do you work with?

We work with all standard Microsoft Office Suite fonts. If your artwork requires a specific font type, please send us the fonts you use. Otherwise, all artwork will need to be sent to us, Outlined, in a vector graphic as noted above.

I have personalization and variable information requests. Can you help with this?

Yes! We are excited to assist with these projects. Many of our products can be personalized very easily.


The best process for personalization, or variable information, is to send us an Excel file with all of the required and verified information. Depending on the type of personalization or variable information, it would greatly help us if the file you submit is already formatted appropriately for the purpose. We can work with you to determine the format structure.


If what is required concerns a variable screen print – we can substantially reduce the cost of your order by printing a box in place of your variable, and then laser engraving your variables through the box. This will appear like it is black text, and it is the preferred method for all of our clients and partners.