Screen Printing.

Carbon fiber is a notoriously difficult material to print on. We use a method of spot color printing which allows us to print up to 8 solid coated/uncoated colors, including two types of metallic inks, silver and gold. We can NOT print using gradients.


For all of screen prints, we utilize the Pantone Color Matching System, also known as PMS colors. This system is a universal color matching system to help us get 100% accuracy to artwork.


We do not screen print in-house. All of our screen printed products come from our trusted partners in China. We are currently looking for a trusted partner in the Greater Seattle Area in the United States. Learn more about screen printing.

Laser Engraving.

We utilize CO2 lasers from Universal Laser Systems. Using these lasers we can engrave any logo or text into carbon fiber.


All of our laser engraving is done in-house, and is the fastest imprint method for all products. Laser engraving appears very subtly in the carbon fiber, and is one of our most requested decoration options. Learn more about laser engraving.

CNC Engraving.

CNC engraving is a high precision computer controlled manufacturing technique that allows us to cut logos into and out of carbon fiber with 100% accuracy.


It is important to note that not all logos can be CNC engraved as-is, and may require some added design work. CNC engraved designs are limited in size due to the size of the drill bit being used, and the depth at which we cut into the carbon fiber. The smaller the drill bit, the easier it is to break, and the more difficult the process.


This process can be done both in-house and with our trusted partners in China. Learn more about CNC engraving.

Embroidery and Custom Stitching.

We offer superior stitching to ensure no bunching or thread fraying in all of our ripstop nylon interiors. Multi-color embroidery customization and contrast stitching is available, and our color matching is based on color thread charts and done to the best of our abilities.


All embroidery and sewing are done thanks to the terrific work of our local partners in the Greater Seattle Area in the United States. Learn more about embroidery and custom stitching.

Stainless Steel Tags and Co-Branding.

All of our hinged goods, such as wallets, portfolios, and cases, come with an immaculate 316 stainless steel tag bearing our CF logo. These products come co-branded- as a signal to precision and high quality craftsmanship. Many of our clients and partners prefer this co-branding for this reason.


We can engrave any logo or text into these tags – for use as whitelabel opportunities in our hinged goods, or for use in other products, such as boxes or key tags. This is done with our trusted partners in China. Learn more about stainless steel tags.

Designer and Colored Weaves.

Carbon fiber is woven into a fabric, like your clothing. This means carbon fiber can be woven into many unique designs, or combined with additional materials, to create amazing eye-catching styles.


We do not create the carbon fiber fabric. We simply design, manufacture, and assemble products using different fabrics.


As such, all carbon fiber fabrics typically come in rolls, and the only designs and colors available are what is currently being manufactured at that time. That said, many are readily available. Learn more about designer and colored weaves.

I want multiple imprint options. Can you do that?

Yes! There are many possibilities to use more than one imprint option.


Wallets, membership cards, key tags, awards, and event passes are some of the most popular items to feature more than one decoration. We work with you to suggest the best decorations based on your needs.

Can all imprint options be used on every product?

No. Unfortunately, not every product can utilize all of our imprint options, and in some cases, products are restricted to just a single imprint option only. These details are reflected on the individual product pages when appropriate.

How long do imprints last?

We’re proud to not just use advanced materials, but to use very durable and long lasting decoration options. While they are built, sewn, and printed to last many years, like any product, if you actively tried to remove an imprint with chemicals and prolonged abrasion, they can all be ultimately removed. If you ever experience an issue with a decoration, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


We can say with confidence that with regular wear and usage, carbon fiber, like a fine leather, will experience subtle changes in finish over time. The exterior of carbon fiber with a gloss finish can turn matte. If and only if, a laser engraving was used on a gloss finish, it can slowly fade. Our clients typically see this occur after about three to five years.